Do & Dont’s In Wedding: A Simple to-do List

The wedding is a special day, therefore, it has to be planned enough. If you are planning your wedding, it is high time you should work on the do’s and don’ts so that you can organize the entire day most amicably.


Plan for the day: get your groom involved in the planning and turn it out to be the best ever day. You can ask your friends, close siblings, and relatives to join the planning but never ever do anything that goes against your family tradition.

Appoint your beautician for the makeup and arrange all bridal accessories, dress, etc. beforehand so that nothing is left for the last minute.

Plan all the arrangement within your budget. Appoint an experienced wedding planner; it will help you to plan everything properly. You can then enjoy your special day wonderfully.

Do call your wedding photographer in time: tell him to take the snaps from the early morning to frame the preparatory moments with utmost care.

Be creative and try to personalize your wedding: hire an expert wedding planner to help you in planning and execution of the same.



Never try to ignore any formal rituals in your wedding, no matter how lengthy it is. It will hurt parents’ sentiments.

Don’t invite guests to your wedding that you are not comfortable with: appoint a professional guest management service for complete guest care.

Do not take stress: hire professional hands to complete your wedding arrangement.

Do not try to take care of your gifts: appoint someone whom you trust for gift preservation.

Do not fast completely on your wedding: have some health drink/fruit juice/ORS so that you remain properly hydrated.

These are some of the dos and don’ts you should follow on your wedding day. These simple guidelines will help you to enjoy the best peace of mind on your special day.


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