Importance Of Communication In Wedding

Marriage in Indian society involves a lot of activities, functions, and interaction which should be done efficiently and with timely communication. The communication should be done in different phases to share and circulate the message of the gala marriage ceremony to all relatives, friends, and well-wishers.

Distributing Sweets & Invitation Cards

Distributing sweets is a regular pre-marriage formality in Indian marriage. It is described as sending Shogun. Usually, sweets are distributed with invitation card, which is like sharing good news with all family friends and members and asking for their cordial participation in the auspicious ceremony.

An efficient wedding planner can help in doing these formal communications most efficiently, which saves time and things are done with skilled expertise.

Sending Invitation Online

Sending invitation online by social networking sites like Facebook/WhatsApp has become an excellent way to communicate between friends and relatives residing in a distant land. Now it is possible to create an event and adding all friends online to join and posts their comments there. It is an excellent way of initiating communication to make the celebration more organized and multilayered.

Sending Gifts

Sending gift is one of the most adorable gestures of friendly communications in Indian custom. It is generally initiated by marriage hosts on behalf of bride and groom respectively. Gifting is done to share the merriment of a marriage.

Presently, professional gift planning service providers can be hired, who can plan the entire course with professional expertise within a stipulated budget.

Calling The Guests & Setting Up Reminders

Guests should be informed well ahead of time so they can do their travel bookings. Formal reminders should be done to confirm the presence of the guests in marriage. Use of SMS and Voice Call reminders can add a boost to an invitation.

These are common ways of some friendly communication related to Indian marriage. Proper planning and responsive communication lead to create a welcoming ambiance to host a gala celebration of the ensuing marriage.

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